What we do for you

Welcome to Pepps Electronics where you can go to get quick, efficient and reasonable technology. We will not leave you disappointed. 

Our friends at Secret Lab also know the value of providing legedary service to thier customers so please click on the chair to learn more about the only chairs we at Pepps trust to have in our shop.

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We can and will take care of your needs

At Pepps Electronics our goal is to make sure that all of your technology needs are met. We will complete your project for you no matter how big or small it may be. Please feel free to ask about any project you may have for us and we will be happy to explain the best course of action to ensure your satisfaction!


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Our Team

Have you met our all stars? 

Below you will find out a little about who we are and what we can do for you

Matthew Pepple

Owner/ CEO

Through my work limits will be pushed and technology will become managable for all of my customers. It is my mission to ensure each and every customer is 100% satisfied each and every time I have an interaction with them. 

Farrell Hodges


With many years of experience in the field I will provide my expertise in data recovery, system management, and technology installation to ensure customers are provided with the best experience possible.